Bass Awesomeness...


Online Bass Lessons From Scoggs.

Wanna get awesome at bass?

I offer online bass lessons through Skype and Facetime that can help you overcome blocks in your

playing, so you become not just a better bass player, but a better musician.

Learn to:
- Playslap, fingerstyle, funk, play harmonics, tap , use econimey of motion technique.

Learn allstyles, from jazz, latin, and funk to pop, soul, and R&B to rock, metal, and ska. what ever you want.

Learn to master elements of music that often go untaught, but are crucial to making good music tuning the bass ,scale tricks, tone, articulation, and dynamics.

Learn important music theory concepts like scales, modes, chords.

I offer lessons for the biggner, and intermelevels.adite

You’re never too young or old to start playing bass or continue your studies.

About Me

I teach bass as integrally as I know how, focusing not just on technique or rhythm, but other elements like tone, articulation, dynamics, and listening.

I understand the role of the bass in many styles – I’ve played jazz, funk, rock, ska, soul, hip hop, fusion, latin styles, orchestral music, gypsy, metal, country blues, and more.

I started playing BB♭ sousaphone in elementary school moving on to high school as soon as a spot opened for Bass guitar on the Jazz band I picked up the bass then I studied music and music theory at Cabrillo College, In California. 41 Years of experience playing bass Toured with working bands opened big shows for the likes of Cheap Trick, Black Oak Arkansas and Rail to name a few  and still work hard at my craft almost every day.

I guarantee we’ll only learn stuff that you’re actually interested in.

Interested? Contact me today to schedule a lesson. My rates are:

One half hour One on One lesson: $25
One full hour One on One lesson: $45

All you have to do to get started is send me an email You’ll be able to pay securely through PayPal once we schedule a time.

I look forward to working together. now "Get Da Bass Out."